“Agora has helped me to understand that we are different children and all beloved by God. Luther’s Community also has lots of international students here. But as far as I know, we do not have any other groups which are organized with some systematic aims and purposes to deal with our diversity. From this diverse group at Agora, I learn to appreciate the difference among us. This is a wonderful journey and such a helpful channel of learning for all the lay leaders in our ministry.”

–Jenny Yu, Luther Seminary and Agora student

“Pueblo dej. belzer Fe has grown not only in numbers but in depth, and Agora has played an important role in this growth. It has been a catalyst in the development of our leaders, strengthening their sense of ownership of this mission, both inside and outside the walls of this congregation. The have become more involved in the “Mesa Directiva” (church council, and they have been motivated to open bible study groups in their homes. I am seeing the fruits of this program and I hope it can continue serving, educating and mentoring lay leaders, helping more people serve others and evangelize with these tools. I hope one day we can help others in the way Agora has helped the leaders in Pueblo de Fe and Cristo Rey Ministries.”

Rev. Jacqueline Belzer, Iglesia Luterana Pueblo de Fe