Lay Ministry Certificates

Certificates of completion will be offered at the end of each course. Participants who complete at least three courses (two of which need to be Understanding and Using the Bible 1 and 2) will also be offered certification as recognized lay leaders in the church in the following categories (additional courses required are as listed):

  • Lay leader (Leading in Congregation and Community)
  • Lay teacher (Ministering with Children, Youth, and Families)
  • Lay preacher (Preaching, Leading Worship)
  • Lay evangelist (Preaching, Leading Worship, Caring in Community, Evangelizing)

Participants who wish to receive such certifications will need to submit an application, signed by their pastor/ministry leader, which will include an agreement to provide opportunities for the participant to practice their leadership in the congregation during and after the courses. If the participant engages in at least 80% of the coursework, he/she will receive the certificate, which will be signed by the Agora director, the Agora board chair, and their local pastor/ministry leader. The synodical bishop and/or bishop’s staff may also choose to add their signatures, and we encourage synodical and/or regional church bodies to offer a public affirmation of the certification.

Participants who have completed Agora courses prior to the fall of 2015 may receive credit towards these certifications.

Application for Lay Ministry Certificates