How does Agora work?

The classes and workshops that Agora offers are designed to help leaders of immigrant and multicultural congregations become more effective in the work they do as they preach, teach, lead, evangelize, and respond to the needs and gifts in their congregations and communities.

Guiding Principles of Agora’s Work

  • Action/reflection. We believe that learning is most effective when it combines input from wise teachers and participants along with practical experience in the classroom and in congregations and communities. Each class will include encouragement and support as participants live out what they are learning.
  • Learning through dialogue. We believe that each participant in the class is both a teacher and a learner. While the designated teacher/facilitator may have a certain content or expertise to introduce, the unique experiences and understandings of all participants also contribute to the learning process. The format of our classes is therefore dialogical, with a good balance between the input offered by the instructor and the input offered by the participants.
  • Open to all. We believe that learning is enriched by including a wide variety of experiences and understandings, so our classes are open to people from all cultural backgrounds and Christian denominations. While our classes are rooted in the Lutheran tradition and focused on the experiences of immigrant congregations, we welcome and celebrate the participation of all who seek to share, learn, and grow as leaders in God’s church.

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